Sopris Ranch

    Carbondale, Colorado

The promise of the views, the expansiveness yet cradled sense of place drew this family to this particular site and was the drive behind the design of their home


A ground up single family residence, Sopris Ranch is nestled into a hillside that cradles a small valley directed towards Mt. Sopris



The existing site has ditches that weave through the landscape, defining edges and giving audible cues to the inhabitants


R+B’s design highlights the natural elements of the site, allows air movement throughout the home, and lets light filter into the interior through surrounding shade trees


The axis of the home acts as a path that compartmentalizes the living, dining, and sleeping spaces


R+B maximized every square inch of the home, allowing for more storage and larger livable areas for the family


Sopris Ranch

  • Carbondale, Colorado
  • 2,700 sq ft

    Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design