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Rowland+Broughton offers a wide range of architectural services to meet your design and construction needs. Whether you are looking to build a new home with a rustic, farmhouse twist or design an office space suitable for a multi-million-dollar company, we’ll work together to provide architectural services that exceed your expectations.

We combine our range of expertise to offer a genuinely custom architectural service. We’ll design and construct a unique space that emphasizes your style while focusing on functionality, showcasing modern design services developed through our 18 years of experience. Connect with us today to take the first step towards creating your new residential or commercial space in Bozeman, MT.

Bozeman Architectural Design Services

As part of our unique architect service, we help our clients in Montana at both a macro and a micro level, meaning we’ll provide services ranging from the overarching structure of the building to the smallest of architectural details for each project. Our macro services include:

  •     Residential: Buildings ranging from single-family homes to condominiums with services including new ground-up builds, remodels, and renovations
  •     Hospitality: Restaurants, hotels, and spas with designs that make customers feel right at home
  •     Commercial: Offices, retail spaces, and more suited to enhance productivity, reduce overhead, and emphasize attractiveness

On the micro-level, we meet all the architectural needs of the project ranging from Bozeman zoning and code analysis to plumbing and light fixture installation to furniture selection and more. Our architectural services leave no detail unnoticed or unattended, and we ensure a high-quality process from the drawings stage to the execution of each building.

Rowland + Broughton is a full-service architecture firm, meaning we work with clients to design and implement every aspect of each building. Our architect services begin with the initial project idea and continue until the building is complete, incorporating every aspect of the design and construction. Our group of architect experts can bring your vision to life.

We will assign an architect to your Bozeman project who will work with you every step of the way to ensure you love every corner and line of your new building–inside and out. We help build our clients’ dreams from the ground up and work closely with them to ensure their vision is being executed as they imagined it.

Phase 1: Schematic Design

Schematic design is the first planning phase in our architectural services. At this stage, an architect will begin planning the building and will work closely with you to design basic drawings of your ideas.  The architect will discuss your goals for the project and the requirements the project needs to meet, such as the size or number of rooms, and then design a rough floor plan based on these specifications.  Once you’re completely satisfied with the rough plans, we’ll move on to phase two of the design process.

Phase 2: Design Development

Design development is the second phase of the architectural process. In this stage, the architect will look at the base-level schematic design and expand upon these ideas to incorporate all of the necessary micro details, like electrical plans or the design materials being used. At the end of design development, our team can finalize the schedule and budget of the building in Bozeman.

Phase 3: Construction Document

The third phase of the project focuses on the construction documents needed to build the project. This stage will include the development of a master plan, which includes specifications of the building, like architectural drawings and calculations. Our team of architects will prepare detailed drawings and construction documents that explain the size and configuration of all the building components, specifying in greater detail what materials are needed.

At the end of this phase, we’ll send the documents to an experienced local contractor here in Montana, who will give a final estimate of the cost of the project for your approval.

Phase 4: Construction Administration

In this fourth phase of the architectural process, construction begins on your Bozeman project. The architect will monitor all work done by the contractor and any other teams at the construction site closely to ensure all of the specifications of the design are being met throughout the construction of the building, visiting the construction site regularly to evaluate progress. Each group will hold weekly meetings with the contractor and make any necessary changes based on your input.

In addition, we can focus on  interior design services. Our designers help incorporate a wide variety of elements, including furniture and decor, among other finishing touches for your new home, hotel, or commercial space in Bozeman. We’re committed to implementing sustainable design for each building, and our goal is to minimize the environmental and social impacts of the building throughout the design and construction phases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are architectural services?

Architectural services in Montana generally encompass all aspects of building creation outside of the construction itself. That may include building design, drafting, construction planning, such as obtaining building permits, and contract administration for the project. Architects also commonly aid in contractor selection and communication.

What services do architectural firms provide?

Architects and architecture firms typically offer the same services. However, a freelance architect may not be able to handle projects of the same scope and size as a firm. They may also offer limited services, such as just building design and drafting, whereas a full-scale architecture firm like ours can handle a long list of services.

What are the list of architectural services?

While the exact list of services an architecture firm offers will vary, examples of common architectural firm services include, among others:

  • Consulting and design planning
  • Financial estimates
  • Masterplanning
  • Drafting and work drawings
  • Contractor bid review and selection
  • Construction administration
  • Interior design and furniture selection

What are architect basic services? — Is this repetitive? we have these phases listed above

There are five basic architect service categories:

  1. Building design: After consulting with the client, the architect or architecture firm creates schematic designs before completing feasibility surveys to draft a basic plan for the new building.
  2. Design development: The architects then refine the drawings and specifications based on client feedback and information discovered during design exploration. Other aspects of the project, including interior design elements, if applicable, are also finalized, and the client signs off on the contract.
  3. Construction planning: The architects take steps to prepare for construction of the building, such as obtaining building permits and finalizing technical sketches.
  4. Contractor selection: Contractor bids are collected, and the architects help the client select a company to construct the building.
  5. Construction administration: The architects facilitate communication between the contractor and client while monitoring construction progress and ensuring all drawings and specifications are followed and project deadlines are met.

High-Quality Architectural Services in Bozeman, Montana

At Rowland+Broughton, every member of our team is committed to providing top-of-the-line architectural services to create a functional and attractive building that aligns with any goals you have for your new house of commercial space. Our group of architects has been designing and constructing premium buildings and homes in Bozeman, Montana, and beyond since 2003, and our wide range of expertise has led to the creation of many successful projects.

Also check out other locations we serve including Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Park City.

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