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Rowland+Broughton Architecture / Urban Design / Interior Design (R+B) is a progressive, high-design firm focused on interior design services and architectural services. With studios in Aspen and Denver, Colorado, our combined mountain and urban sensibilities inform and enhance a wide spectrum of projects, including custom residential, commercial, hospitality, interior design, and master planning services.

Established in Aspen, Colorado in 2003, R+B architects have earned a reputation for critically thinking with a body of extraordinarily creative, diverse architectural services and solutions. Our hands-on, customized project approach has led to a high number of repeat clients and a high rate of project success, no matter the challenging environmental or community condition of the site, including in Denver.

The R+B design philosophy is built upon the belief that architecture, landscape, planning, interior and urban design services are all interdependent of one another. The architects discern client needs and approach each project with a focus on understanding its regional and environmental impact, as well as the cultural and personal ambitions it aspires to meet. This is achieved by our team of architects, who listen to each client’s design goals, work with all interested stakeholders throughout the project, conduct extensive historical and community research, apply new technological solutions, and test creative materials and applications.

R+B architects work on a wide range of services that begin with feasibility studies of each individual project site, zoning, and code requirements for the project’s programming and parameters for Denver. The architects work closely with the clients to collaborate and ensure submittals are presented in a way that will increase likelihood of approval of the construction process so that the project can remain on schedule. Additional services architecture firms have to complete is to obtain building permits and perform project management for the duration of construction.

Our architects have worked successfully with many consultants and specialists and enjoy the collaborative experience on all projects. When our team of licensed interior designers and architects work together there is increased efficiency on a project’s needs. This provides unique services to a client to design each of their projects with an integration between the interior/exterior design, creating fluidity when moving from one space to another.

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Our Denver team’s interior and architectural and interior design services process utilizes creative problem-solving practices to assess a client’s goals and transform their inspiration, ideas, and visions into a reality. There are five phases in this process that help to guide the architectural designers and clients from the initial meeting through to the completion of their residential buildings  in urban settings, non-existing or existing buildings, or even landscape architecture. The phases of the architectural design services include:

Programming or Pre-design Phase

During the pre-design phase, the architect will define the architectural programming of the project’s values, goals, and needs for the building to establish the vision for the space(s). The Denver team will provide an in-depth client questionnaire so that the design development of the scope, features, purpose, and functionality align with the client’s lifestyle.

Schematic Design Phase

The architect will give shape to the vision of the project through drawings and illustrations on contract documents for the owner’s review. These specifications of the structural engineering are often done initially via hand sketches, then moved into 3D software that enables alterations that are effectively communicated to the client. The schematic design that is crafted during this phase will start to form the schedule and construction budget requirements for the Denver project. Once the schematic design phase is completed, then the community review process led by the architect can begin.

Design Development Phase

The architect will build upon the approved SD package to obtain more detailed information to be layered in by consultants and team members. During this phase the systems, preliminary structure, material selection, and detailing will be coordinated and enhanced. The architect will prepare floor plans and building elevations for review and approval. At this time in the design development process, 3-D drawings by the architect will help the Denver client to better understand the design before moving to the next phase.

Construction Design Phase

The architect acting on the project will prepare computer drawings called construction documents (CDs)  that are suitable for the permit submission and project’s construction. These CDs are instrumental in the efficient construction of a home or larger project. The construction design phase requires coordination with consultants to ensure all items are relayed in the construction documents.

Construction Administration Phase

The construction administration phase is often referred to as Construction Observation and ensures that the project’s integrity is upheld until completion. The architect will maintain weekly or bi-monthly site visits to the Denver project, create accountability and the opportunity for any last-minute changes to be made in the field or to the construction documents, to meet client needs.

During the construction administration phase, the client can expect a varying timeline for completion of the project depending on the size, range of services provided, complexity, permitting approval process, the client’s ability to make decisions, and the overall needs of the project.