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Rowland+Broughton Architecture / Urban Design / Interior Design (R+B) is a progressive, high-design firm. With studios in Aspen and Denver, Colorado, our combined mountain and urban sensibilities inform and enhance a wide spectrum of projects, including custom home design, commercial, hospitality, interior design, and master plans.


Our Design and Building Experience

With experience in building new and renovating over 250 custom home projects, our team of architects and interior designers understand the importance of client collaboration to plan their custom home. Our team of experts have earned the reputation as a critically-thinking design firm with a body of extraordinarily creative, diverse custom design plans. Our hands-on, custom plan has led to a remarkably high number of repeat custom home clients and a high rate of project success, no matter the challenge.

The R+B design service philosophy is built upon the belief that architecture, landscape, planning, interior design, and urban design are all interdependent of one another. This is achieved by listening to each client’s custom home design goals and offer comprehensive custom design service with an unwavering commitment to superior client experience. From pre-design to construction administration to installation, R+B aims for transparency in our process by consistently providing clients with a detailed house and process plan, and updated information on a regular basis.

While our scope is vast, our plan is always custom and focused. We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of client perspective.

Our Custom Home Design Process

We plan our process focused on the home you want to build, and the specific objectives your custom design must meet for the success of the house. We believe in accessibility and transparency, which is why you have direct and easy access to your R+B team from day one.

We’re collaborative, supportive, and agile and always operate with integrity, respect, and accountability. This combination of strengths produces creative solutions that set the standard. We listen carefully and care deeply about the input we receive to guarantee your house plan exceeds expectations.

Our exceptional team of designers from diverse backgrounds influences every home we plan, allowing us to specialize in a variety of design services and aesthetics. We initiate home design plans without pre-determined style or pre-established formulas and guide an effective design plan process to meet the custom needs of our clients. We are nimble and flexible in response to changing parameters.

Our custom home design services provide the following phases to design and build a successful home:

Programming or Pre-design Phase (PD): 1-2 months

We will define the custom home plans using the client’s values, goals, and needs for the new home to establish the vision for the house. An in-depth client questionnaire is completed at this time so that the scope, features, purpose, and functionality will align with the client’s lifestyle and hopes for the house.

Schematic Design Phase (SD): 1-2 months

We will begin to give shape to the vision of the house through drawings and illustrations for the owner’s review. It is important for the architect to establish a clear decision-making process with the client at this time. The home designs that are crafted during this phase will start to form the schedule and construction budget requirements.

Design Development Phase (DD): 1-2 months

A thoughtful extension of SD, the architect will build upon the approved plans so that more detailed information can be obtained and layered in by consultants and team members as the systems, preliminary structure, material selection, and detailing will be coordinated and enhanced during this phase. We will prepare floor plans and building elevations for initial review and approval. At this time, 3-D drawings and concept renderings will help the client to better understand the commitment to the design plan before moving to the next phase.

Construction Design Phase (CD): 3-4 months

We will prepare home plans that are suitable for the permit submittal and construction of the house. These construction documents (CDs) are instrumental in the efficient construction of a new home. This phase requires very thorough coordination with consultants to ensure the home plans are properly relayed in the construction documents.

Construction Administration Phase (CA): 18-24 months

Often referred to as Construction Observation and ensures that the integrity of the house is upheld until it is completed. The architect will maintain weekly or bi-monthly site visits, create accountability and the opportunity for last minute changes to be made in the field to meet the client’s needs.


Our Service Values

Our common service thread is a collaborative process that tests conventional thinking. The satisfaction we experience from building lasting relationships with our clients and the opportunities to work with them on their home design plan as trusted advisors transcends all accolades from our work. Standing on the architectural integrity of our projects, our people and our passion, we are leaders committed to impacting place through excellence of design.

One of many commitments to each client is to meet and exceed expectations and deliver a beautiful house. Our work plan maximizes our efficiencies by tracking performance and accomplishments, identifying staffing needs, forecasting budget impacts, highlighting schedule and deliverable dependencies.

Most importantly, we’re honored every time a client chooses to use our design services for their new house, which is why we strive to invest up-front in a thorough and collaborative process. The result is custom, lasting designs that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.