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Historical buildings provide a physical link to our heritage. Preserving and restoring them ensures that continuity for future generations as well.

At Rowland+Broughton, this notion plays a central role in our company’s vision. Discover what separates our architecture firm from our competitors.

Historic Preservation Projects and Services

At Rowland+Broughton, we offer a full suite of historic preservation services, which comprises a significant portion of our full-service firm’s work. Please review some of our most popular architectural services below.

Research and Reports on Historic Buildings

Before starting any work, we will research a building’s historic character and perform feasibility studies to determine the likelihood of a successful restoration. Once we have completed our studies and research, we will submit reports detailing our outlook, including any concerns we may have about moving forward.

Rehabilitation and Repurposing

As historical architects, we frequently rehabilitate and repurpose old civic buildings, hotels, mansions, and other building types. In the past, we have rehabilitated factories, breweries, and other historic structures before repurposing them for residential use. In some cases, we have also developed a commercial design or two to create new storefronts.

Benefits Of Preservation/Restoration Architecture

While modern architectural design service in aspen area can be beautiful and pique many people’s interest, the benefits of the preservation/restoration of historic buildings are significant.

Cultural Benefits

When historic sites can be restored, they can act as physical reminders of events and milestones that took place before modern times. For example, in the streets of Paris, France, you’ll find cathedrals, churches, cafes, libraries, and homes that have stood for hundreds of years. These structures are sometimes located in entire historic districts. When a person has the opportunity to explore these areas, they can have a deeper understanding of the cultural resources of the past.

Educational Benefits

The preservation of architectural designs and structures can be very useful in the world of education. Not only can preservation help teach architects and prospective architects new skills and techniques, but it can also help to preserve historic sites for educational purposes. Architects can utilize historic buildings to further understand past building techniques and find creative solutions for the architectural issues of today.

Economic Benefits

Not only does the restoration and preservation of architectural designs in Denver provide cultural and educational benefits, but they can also be a great way to boost a local economy. Urban planning committees all over the world can speak to the many benefits that come from preserving architectural designs. Local economies can see progress regardless of if a historic building becomes a mixed-use structure or is better suited for adaptive reuse.

  • Historic structures can increase local property values by providing a unique urban design. 
  • Tourism can be boosted when urban planning increases emphasis on historic building preservation. 
  • The reservation and restoration processes create jobs. 
  • Preservation and restoration is a pathway to sustainable urbanism. 
  • Mixed-use historical structures can provide innovative solutions for community needs like libraries, communal spaces, art centers, affordable housing, emergency shelters, and more.

All of the potential benefits listed above can provide an economic boost.

New Construction in Historic Areas

Teaming up for new construction in historic areas requires a careful eye and a complete understanding of a city’s past. At Rowland+Broughton, we search all over the country for historic resources that we can use to build a new building that will seamlessly blend in with its historic surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

At our full-service architectural firm, we often hear some of the same queries from our clients. Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding preservation restoration below.

What Is Historic Preservation in Architecture?

Historic preservation in architecture involves safeguarding and conserving buildings and other structures that maintain strong cultural and historical connections to our past. This specialized undertaking breathes new life into historic buildings and publicly marks them as important landmarks.

Why Is Historic Preservation/Restoration Important Today?

Historic preservation/restoration is essential for many reasons. One major reason why restoration and preservation are so crucial is that it helps tell the story of the past in a way that future generations can easily understand.

What Does a Historic Preservation Consultant Do?

Historic preservation projects require consultants who possess expertise in the maintenance of culturally significant buildings. They revitalize existing buildings while using historically correct natural resources as efficiently as possible. They also develop sustainable design elements by increasing energy efficiency and working within the limitations of existing conditions.

What Does a Restoration Architect Do?

Restoration architects play a pivotal role throughout the process of conserving historic architecture. Restoration architects specialize in the preservation of historic structures and architecture. They focus on redeeming historic properties that have fallen into disuse or have deteriorated over the years.

What Does an Architectural Historian Do? 

An architectural historian studies structural engineering feats. They are considered experts in their field and often hold positions of authority on advisory boards for historical restoration projects. Architectural historians also give us a peek into the past by organizing exhibits, tours, and presentations.

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