Artist Haven


Project Summary

Artist Haven


Residential – Custom Home


Aspen, Colorado


4,190 SF

Interior Design by Joe McGuire Design
Gibeon Photography


Set in Aspen’s historic West End neighborhood, Artist’s Haven is a complete modernization of a neo-classical home. Addressing the artist-client’s concept of ‘less is more,’ pseudo Victorian gingerbread detailing and railings were removed from the home’s exterior, which retained a contextual blue color. The bold, bright and voluminous interior architecture was enhanced and expanded with the intention of functioning as a backdrop for the owner’s colorful artwork. Natural daylighting was an integral part of the design.

Throughout the home, sustainability was addressed through the installation of LED lighting and low-flow fixtures and fittings. The project required a complete redo of all core systems, including structural, HVAC, electrical, lighting and fire sprinkler systems.

Oh my goodness – the photos (just like the house) are stunning! So thrilled to see the photos and get to live in the house! Thank you everyone! – Homeowner, Artist Haven

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