Snowmass Creek

    Old Snowmass, Colorado

Downvalley from Aspen in rural Old Snowmass, this new, six-bedroom house adjoins an existing family property and is intended to enable multiple generations to gather and spend time together


+ The home-site lies within an open pasture bound by Snowmass Creek and a treed hillside

+ Within this bucolic setting, the house will appear as distinct volumes built over time


+ Exterior materials and thoughtful massing of the structure speak to the agricultural nature and history of the locale

+ Certain elements, such as patterned stonework, will reflect the existing homes, while others will encourage a more modern feel


Snowmass Creek

  • Old Snowmass, Colorado
  • 7,700 Sq Ft Main House / 750 Sq Ft Greenhouse / 1,100 Sq Ft Barn / 150 Sq Ft Sauna

    Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Space Planning