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Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!

Team at happy hour in Denver to sketch

Once a month, our team gathers for what we call Inspiration Meetings. Topics vary from trends, products and video to architectural and design industry news to recent team member travels and photos. Anything and everything that might inspire our work.


In our latest Inspiration Meeting, we were challenged to a month of daily sketching. With our R+B branded field books, we set out to make sketching a daily exercise – alone, or with other team members over a beverage. This sketching challenge was meant to encourage conceptual and analytic hand sketching skills that will apply to our projects and daily work, and boost creativity.


As architects and designers, hand sketching is a skill that can help us quickly illustrate and explore design ideas that cannot be captured in renderings and photographs. Sketches allow us to explore circulation, proportion, and scale in a quick and efficient manner.


However, with an increasing dependence on computer programs such as REVIT and CAD, hand sketching may not be used as frequently for design and our skills may need a refresh. Sketching has also been shown to relieve stress, improve memory, and encourage problem-solving skills. Plain and simple, it’s good practice for our profession and each of us as creative individuals!


Want to challenge yourself to a month of daily sketching? Check out our team’s work for inspiration!