Brandon Israel

Architectural Designer

After graduating with a BS in Architecture from Tulane University in New Orleans, Brandon joined the Rowland+Broughton team as an Architectural Designer.  Passionate about design, Brandon draws inspiration from many interests such as nature, music, and art.  Brandon brings an open mind to the design process and is eager to learn as much as he can.

Growing up on the water in Florida gave Brandon a unique perspective. Exposure to natural elements and unique lifestyles has shown him how the built environment can connect to nature and tell a story. The sunshine state was an ideal landscape to develop his first passions, filmmaking and photography. The ways in which external factors such as light, water, plant life and movement can affect everything about someone’s day encouraged Brandon to explore architectural design as a career path. He is continuing to discover how architecture and natural elements all around us can work together harmoniously.

Throughout his education, Brandon worked as an intern for architecture firms and other designers.  Working on projects ranging from custom furniture to luxury homes in New York, Brandon was able to soak up knowledge and unique perspectives from people working in different realms in the design world.

Originally from Winter Park, Florida, Brandon is looking to explore everything that Colorado has to offer.  When he’s not in the studio, you can find Brandon hiking, snowboarding, or just hanging outside listening to good music with friends.


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