Corrie Kowalinski

Interior Designer

Corrie Kowalinski brings nearly a decade of experience as an Interior Designer to the Rowland+Broughton team. Originally from Chandler, Arizona she received her Bachelor of Science in Design with a concentration in Interior Design from Arizona State University. Corrie has broad experience in design forms from hospitality, corporate, retail and residential work in Colorado and all around the country.  Her approach to design is thoughtful and dedicated, learning from her client’s in order to create space that is not only beautiful but functional and speaks to the esthetics of the client.

Corrie appreciates working on project teams where she can empower and motivate team members to push their own boundaries, shine in their strengths and learn from those around them. A successful project team is key in great design and Corrie appreciates the ability to manage a group of talented individuals through various design phases.

Away from the office Corrie spends her time traveling, fishing, hiking, kayaking and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband and rescue pups.


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