Eugenie Provost

Project Designer

Eugenie Provost received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Louisiana Lafayette – School of Architecture and Design.  During her Graduate Studies, Eugenie worked on several service projects, supported faculty grant research, and recently completed her investigation of early education and elderly care in her Master’s Project. Additionally, her research on “Cell Phone Technology and the Built Environment,” with T. Scott Smith, Phd, Corey L. Saft, RA, LEED-AP, and Ashlie Latiolais, AIA NCARB, was published in Cell Phone Distraction, Human Factors, and Litigation, 2nd edition, in the Spring of 2018.

She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Building Science with a Concentration of Architectural Technology and Design from Appalachian State University.

Eugenie Provost’s approach to design applies a balance between her technical skills and visual talents to achieve work that is immersed with high attention to detail, quality of craft, and socio-economic stewardship.

Eugenie’s professional experience includes residential design work as well as architectural summer internships in both Lafayette, LA and Houston, TX, ranging from mixed-use developments to healthcare architecture projects. 


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