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Travel Inspires Curiosity + Creativity

To keep our skills and talent sharp and our imagination piqued, the R+B team travels, explores, and investigates the vast and constantly changing world we inhabit. We are readers, explorers, foodies, and students of life. Whether traveling near or far, we find inspiration at every turn.


Here are a few highlights from recent team travels.



3 countries, 8 hotels, and 150 miles of cycling. Principals Sarah Broughton and John Rowland endured a mix of rest, sport, and art and architectural inspiration in Europe.


After relaxing on the Marbella coast and exploring Seville, Spain, Sarah and John cycled through the Andalucian countryside through cotton fields and olive groves to Pueblos Blanco.


While there, they visited the renowned artists Haas Brothers to check on a fireplace in production for our custom residence, Meadow House, and toured the pavilions at Venice Biennale Arte 2019 International Art Exhibit.



While in Alhambra, Granada, they were reminded of how beauty is transcendent. They visited a living museum of a mix of timeless architecture spanning Islamic Middle Ages, Christian Renaissance to today’s Hispano-Islamic gardens, where they found the architecture exuded tranquility and calm.





Inspired by local wilderness, Project Architect Lauren Amt joined her husband, in-laws, and their pup on a backpacking hike through the Snowmass Wilderness in Colorado. Hiking over 20 miles in 3 days, they encountered high and low temperatures, beautiful alpine lakes, and tall peaks. As their first backpacking trip as a big family, the time spent together and in the wilderness was inspiring for all.




Interior Designer Leslie Cope traveled around England to many historic and well-known structures. The first stop was Tower Bridge, adjacent to the Thames River and London Bridge. This structure was awe-inspiring due to its scale and intricate design.



Heading up a hill with views of London at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the Prime Meridian stands tall with a physical line representing the international standard of separating the eastern and western hemispheres (zero longitude). How cool to be standing in both hemispheres at the same time!



Driving an hour outside of London, Leslie visited Windsor Castle where the true Autumn colors painted the gardens of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite home. Inspiration came from the historic architecture of the castle, the bright gardens and vast green rolling hillside.



The next interesting discovery of Italian roots were found at the Roman Baths in Bath, England.



Finally, a walk through the meadows and sheep filled farmland led to Stonehenge, whose structures were much larger in person than expected. Their scale is incomprehensible and still a mystery as to how it was built by hand.




Studio Leader Amanda Christianson visited Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana, experiencing art and nature as one. A 12,000 acre working sheep and cattle ranch, Tippet Rise celebrates the concept of art, music, architecture, and nature through large-scale outdoor sculptures and musical performances.


Amanda hiked through the land (which took most of a day) and found the approach to viewing art this way, from sculpture to sculpture through a rolling landscape, to be a unique and invigorating experience.




We truly believe that creativity comes from curiosity, and travel inspires curiosity. So, we encourage you to get outside of your daily routine, whether you travel near or far, and get find something that excites you. Enjoy the journey!