Mining Modern

    Aspen, Colorado

Designed for full-time residents in Aspen’s East End, this thoughtful three-bedroom home incorporates a historic miner’s cabin, prominently positioned at the front of the house


+ The new design is contextual to the historic structure, and takes a conscientious approach to mass, scale, fenstration and materiality

+ Historic Preservation Commission requirements and guidelines provided a foundation upon which the design could grow

+ The addition stands in stark contrast to the cabin, while deriving its form directly from its traditional vernacular

+ In a sense, the home represents the yin and yang of the typical house


Scope of Work:

+ In addition to adherence to Historic Preservation Commission requirements, the design was largely influenced by clients who shared their profound appreciation of mid-century furniture and product design, as well as Scandinavian Modernism, and who pushed for innovation at every turn


+ Taking cues from the historic cabin, the R+B architectural team utilized detailing reminiscent of old mining architecture to generate the form for the linking element and rear addition

+ A contemporary interpretation of the traditional residential gables enabled the new addition to both contrast with and complement the similar form of the cabin


+ Interiors showcase white oak flooring and millwork, along with natural steel accents

+ The innovative glass kitchen was the result of a collaboration among the clients, the R+B team and Valcucine, a modern kitchen manufacturer the clients discovered while on a trip to Italy

An efficient, open layout with strategic fenestration provides a seamless connection between indoors and out


+ Both the shell and core of the home were designed and engineered with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind

+ A highly insulated and tight building envelope, coupled with south facing windows, provides solar gain, while a special fan system exchanges hot and cool air between basement and upper levels

Tight site restraints at the excavation stage for the basement necessitated the “floating” of the historic cabin above the site while the foundation work proceeded below

Mining Modern

  • Aspen, Colorado
  • 3,500 sq ft

    Services Provided

  • Architecture