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Interior Design Process

Our Process and Design Philosophy


Our design philosophy is built upon the belief that architecture, landscape, planning, interior design, and urban design are all interdependent with one another. Our team approaches each project with a focus on understanding its regional and environmental impact as well as the cultural and personal ambitions it aspires to meet. This is achieved by listening to each client’s design goals, connecting with all interested stakeholders throughout the project, conducting extensive historical and community research, applying new technological solutions, and testing creative materials and applications.


From Pre-Design to Construction Administration and Installation, R+B is collaborative in our process by consistently providing clients with detailed information and updates. Below you will find an outline of our process:


Step 1: Existing Conditions and Programming

– Review existing/proposed conditions, and review and analyze existing furnishings and art inventory.

– Gather program needs and desires.



Step 2: Project Concept

– Gather preliminary inspiration, process diagrams, concepts and sketches for the spaces.




Step 3: Design and Coordination

– Develop the interior design through sketches, modeling, plans, sections and elevations.

– Preliminary selections of finish and material palettes (including different textures and patterns).

– Preliminary furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) selections and budget.

– Coordinate design with the team members and artisans.



Step 4: Documentation and Specifications

– Technical drawings with schedules and details for the construction contract work to be performed.

– FF&E specifications outlined in specification sheets.



Step 5: Purchasing and Coordination

– FF&E purchasing and procurement.

– Coordinate with vendors throughout procurement process.



Step 6: Construction and Install

– Periodic site visits to ensure work is being performed in accordance with our concepts, specifications and documentation.

– Review submittals and shop drawings for fabrication approval.

– Coordination with contractors and other team members.

– Warehousing coordination and tracking.

– A weekly management email to provide the client with details and progress of the project.



How We Work

We work directly with our clients to ensure they get a unique design that matches their lifestyle needs, vision, and personal style. As a full service firm, we coordinate how the interior design in Denver will integrate with the existing or to-be-built architecture, collaborating with our internal team of experts.


Whether in person in the studio or on-site, or virtually from anywhere in the world, our team seamlessly works with our clients to ensure a strong, collaborative working relationship throughout each project. Our process includes material trays, sketches, 3D modeling and physical models to allow our clients a full understanding of their project.