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When it comes to your interior space, planning involves the seamless integration of functionality, comfort, aesthetic appeal, and economy. Achieving these aspects with interior space renovation or construction requires both architectural and interior design solutions.

Rowland+Broughton has completed more than 350 projects across the United States. Our team of licensed interior designers and architects has nearly 400 years of combined experience in interior architecture and construction administration.

Denver Architectural and Interior Design Services

With regard to interior architecture, the Rowland+Broughton design team follows consistent methods and a collaborative process that tests conventional thinking. Our hands-on, customized approach has resulted in many repeat clients and a high success rate, even in some of the most challenging conditions.

We base our design services on the inherent belief that planning, architecture, and interior design are interdependent disciplines. Ultimately, your ideas and visions dictate the direction of the project while we implement and manage the design process.

Architectural Design

Architectural design involves all the technical aspects of any exterior or interior space, including the site plans, building sections, window and door schedules, and more design planning. As part of this service, we will draw up a schematic design, which goes through the processes of design development and regulatory approval.

Interior Design

When it comes to your interior space and interior architecture , planning involves the seamless integration of functionality, comfort, aesthetic appeal, and economy. Achieving these aspects with interior space renovation or construction requires both architectural and interior design solutions.

These design services overlap with architecture in terms of floor plans, interior elevations, and hardware. Our services aim to ensure optimal indoor space functionality and aesthetic appeal through the integration of structural elements and décor, such as furniture.

Do Architects Design the Interior?

Most licensed architects can design both interior and exterior spaces. As an integrated practice, Rowland+Broughton can provide all services, including schematic design, construction administration, and securing your building rights, and through construction. Additionally, we can help you make design decisions to streamline your project.

What Are The 7 Elements of Interior Design?

We work with our clients closely to ensure their design aesthetics and lifestyle are incorporated into the final plan. Often, the seven elements of interior design are included:

  • Color to establish a specific mood within an indoor space
  • Form or shape to express the contours of indoor elements
  • Light from windows, mirrors, or artificial sources
  • Perimeter lines that designate areas within a space
  • Patterns that repeat thematic design elements
  • Texture to complement a particular design style
  • 2-D space to accommodate features such as rugs and 3-D space for furniture or shelves

Expertly combining these elements ensures optimal functionality and visual appeal within a space.

Which is Better for Your Project – Architectural or Interior Design?

Most renovation projects require architecture as well as interior design. The solutions you need depend on your project outcomes and your budget. Our team is experienced in helping our clients determine what services are best for their project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an architectural designer do?

Architectural designers plan the overall design of interior and exterior spaces, including window and door placement, color schemes, lighting, landscaping, and more. They may also offer services that fall under what many would expect for an interior design service in Denver, such as furniture and décor section.

What are the services of an interior designer?

While the exact services an interior designer offers can vary on experience and client needs, many offer:

  • Space planning and styling
  • Design sketches
  • Furniture and accessory selection
  • Window and floor treatments
  • Color palette and finish consultation
  • Design element purchasing and procurement
  • Construction administration and documentation
  • Coordination and communication between the architect, contractor, and client

What is the difference between an architectural designer and an interior designer?

Architectural designers and interior designs are similar, but there are some key differences. An architectural designer handles design elements both inside and outside of the building, while an interior design generally focuses on the interior only.

Beyond that, architectural designers also generally deal with actual structural aspects of the building—built-in elements of the architecture. Interior designers tend to deal more with surface design elements—things added to the space.

As an easy example, an architectural designer might plan window placement to create a certain feel in a space through natural light. An interior designer would just handle the window treatments. Both may offer services that overlap with those commonly offered by an architect, such a construction administration and communication between parties.

Do architects work with interior designers?

Yes, many architects consult with interior designers, and many architectural firms keep an interior designer on staff. We believe these specialists each have unique skills to elevate our projects. That’s why our team includes interior and architectural designers as well as architects.

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