Applying Future-Oriented Practices

    Rowland+Broughton is a forward-thinking firm and aims to incorporate sustainability into every project

    We believe that the projects we create should positively contribute to each individual environment, therefore we design and build with sustainability and longevity in mind

    This is achieved through listening to our clients, researching new sustainable technologies, and testing materials and applications before applying our findings

    As a result, our clients’ design goals are met, and often surpassed, responsibly

    Our foundation of sustainable practices is rooted in our experience in the re-use and re-purpose of existing structures, including both residential and commercial buildings

    The process of saving the most essential part of a building while adding value to the structure by incorporating energy-efficient components is the essence of our sustainable philosophy, and we learn something new with every project

    The knowledge we acquire through the renovation process becomes a launching point for ground-up structures, allowing us to apply similar sustainable concepts

    At R+B, we evaluate the sustainability of a place as a whole, including the shipping of materials, access to public transportation, or the proximity of a place in relation to amenities within walking distance

    We assess all aspects of life in order to achieve the highest degree of sustainability

    Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering

    Practicing design in both our Aspen and Denver LEED certified studios, we educate ourselves through research, and extend this knowledge to our clients, applying the shared goals of a sustainable future one project at a time

    Completing multiple LEED certified projects, the R+B team encompasses several LEED accredited designers who consult on sustainable best practices and serve as resources throughout the design process