Downtown Denver Remix


Project Summary

Downtown Denver Remix


Residential – Condo and Loft


Denver, CO

2,526 SF
Interior Design


The Four Seasons Hotel opened in downtown Denver in 2010 and features 102 exclusive residences between the 18th and 45th floors. The unparalleled city skyline and front range mountain views are the true amenity of this sanctuary in the sky. Residents who seek hotel living, seek the aspects and amenities that come with a hotel. Spa and gym access, room service, concierge and security, and a sense of place within a larger community. Our client checks every box this type of residence provides.  CEO of a successful digital technology company, he wanted the design to inherently be practical, yet creative. The perfect combination to infuse thoughtful and purposeful design, unique to him.

Identifying the key views from a high-rise unit are paramount in informing how sightlines flow through the design without interruption. This corner residence permits an array of views that include the Auraria Campus, Denver Performing Arts Center, Colorado Convention Center, Pepsi Center, Mile High Stadium, and a vast line of the Front Range that include the infamous Pikes Peak. The kitchen and living space play a large role in our design thinking. Modern function and flexible uses cater to a lifestyle that ranges from personal to business, all while capturing said views. With this openness, it was important to create visual hierarchy, as well as create a unique and non-traditional space plan.

Kitchens typically appear as a space that focuses on utility and function. The design approach was to minimize the appearance of those utilitarian aspects visually, while still maintaining the realistic uses required. The kitchen island extends over 13 feet in length and is the showstopping element in the space with its unique cloud shape. With its seductive form, the island achieves openness and inherently takes ownership as the top hierarchal element of the freely connected spaces. The island concept paved the way for other design features, such as the custom serpentine shaped, 360-degree viewing point sofa.

A common challenge among open spaces is how to orchestrate the furnishings that avoid clutter and distract the eye, all of which cause a chaotic and unsettled emotion. Hierarchy again plays a role in achieving fluidity and harmony. With the intent to create a variety of seating group opportunities, we selected curvilinear details over hard sharp lines, to give a sense of free-flowing circulation. The curvilinear details, whether obvious (such as the serpentine sofa) or subtle (such as the shadow lines of the lounge chairs) further support the form and shape of the kitchen island, tying these spaces together in more ways than one. Our client requested that the living, dining, and kitchen space be flexible so that it may cater a business meeting, a small gathering of friends, and a comfortable space to relax in solidarity. The serpentine sofa allows users to sit on every point, providing 360-degree access points. We placed C-tables that may be moved around for laptops and coffees during a business meeting or moved to the side when laying down to watch television. Each seating group remains low, as to not obstruct the views that remain the focus throughout our design. Counter stools at the kitchen island face the views, instead of inward at the kitchen walls.

Material selection aided in the enhancement of our design concepts. With an elegant semi-reflective glass backsplash at the kitchen, it creates the perfect backdrop while performing everyday functions.  While conjuring up your pour over coffee or cooking at the stovetop, you can enjoy the views reflecting in the glass. Even when your back is to the windows, you have maintained focus on what is most important. In private spaces, such as the Master Bed and Master Bath, we ensured the sanctuary and spa-like hotel atmosphere was emphasized, with serene materials with subtle texture to feel raw and natural yet refined.

Fabrication played a critical role in our design process. R+B utilized our in-house Creative Lab to sketch and study our island and sofa masses. We design these elements with 3D software (Rhino and Sketchup) to precisely detail the forms of the sofa and island. In addition, the design team utilized virtual reality to fully understand the complex geometries. This process was not only useful to share with fabricators, but also helped formalize and finalize our design intent with our detail-oriented client. The kitchen island is formed and cast on site with lightweight concrete. This process is meticulously artful. The custom serpentine sofa is built in segments, connected on site with minimal seams to indicate where segments start and stop.

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