Inverted Canvas


Project Summary

Inverted Canvas


Commercial – Specialty


Englewood, Colorado


8,606 SF

961 SF Courtyard



This artist studio is a place for a sequestered artist to create works of mixed media and collage. Because of the private nature of this creative process, the public is allowed to see subtle glimpses inside, but the works and process are ultimately confidential. The idea of the inverted canvas allows this complex relationship between public and private to thrive. The inverted canvas takes the construction of a typical 20th century wall and analogously applies it to the traits that compose the ideal space for creative expression. The primary studio spaces (collage, metal, wood, and leasable) are housed within three distinct gable volumes that are literal representations of the inverted canvas parti. The charrette process was a focused collaborative design experience that worked with the artists through schematic design. 


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