Victorian Square Building


Project Summary

Victorian Square Building


Commercial – Mixed Use


Aspen, Colorado


12, 275 SF

Public Approvals Process
Master Planning
2018 AIA Colorado - Best Commercial
Brent Moss


The concept for Victorian Square is inspired by a nearby backcountry skiing haunt referred to by locals as “The Pillow Factory”.  The highlight of this area is the countless snow-covered rock outcroppings (pillows) that gently step down the slope with skiers playfully bouncing down the terrain from one pillow to the next.  We sought to abstract the inherent qualities of a typical pillow where the snow is softly suspended over the mass of the rock, revealing the stratified lines of past snow falls.

Peterson Cover Brick from Denmark represents the stationary mass of the rock outcropping.  These handmade bricks are detailed using a lapped siding technique with hidden fasteners, which recalls the many wood sided buildings that once were prevalent throughout downtown Aspen during the early mining years.  African Mahogany represents the snow pillow and is detailed with an undulating façade to indicate the stratified lines of past snow storms and is cantilevered over the masonry façade.  This wood pillow also has another layer of significance in that of the old false storefront façades prevalent in mining towns during the turn of the century.  However, unlike those historical applications where billboard and signage indicated the use or merchandise of those buildings, the snow pillow’s silent message is that Aspen is now an international destination for skiing and sells dreams of abundant snow fall.

The design by Rowland+Broughton Architecture will speak the architectural language of Aspen for decades to come.  It is rich in form and detail that builds on what went on before in Aspen architecture to extend the trajectory of the vocabulary of the town’s streetscapes into the future.  – Client, Victorian Square 

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