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R+B Embraces Role As Architect for the New Farm Collaborative Learning Center



ASPEN, CO — June 18, 2020 — Rowland+Broughton Architecture / Urban Design / Interior Design is pleased to announce that we are working as Architect for the new 8,850 square foot Farm Collaborative Learning Center, located within the 166-acre Cozy Point Ranch in Aspen, Colorado. A non-profit organization, Farm Collaborative is home to multiple uses and structures, including a riding horse arena, a historically designated barn, an archery range, and worker housing.


After years of thoughtful planning, The Farm Collaborative Learning Center has brought the focus to nurturing young environmental stewards with hands-on agricultural learning experiences. This educational facility will operate as a “farm park” and will host a variety of school programs and community outreach events to explore methods for solving global climate challenges through local food production.


The underlying design goal is to create a carbon neutral building with high-tech power that is housed within a humble gable form and detailed with the agricultural aesthetic of warm earth tones, external rammed earth walls and regenerative wood cladding. The thoughtfully designed structure is intended to stand the test of time and become a part of Aspen’s history for generations to come. Please see link for additional information.


About the project, Eden Vardy, Executive Director of Farm Collaborative, shares, “Building this food hub and learning center that will elevate the impact of our local farmers, and the potential for future generations to enjoy the resources that we have all been able to, is close to my heart. Having a more centralized educational learning center and effectively replacing the diversity of somewhat makeshift structures scattered on the site with one beautiful, meaningful piece of infrastructure will really increase the impact of our currently existing programs and allow us to further support our local farmers. We are so grateful to be working with R+B. It’s really been a gift.”


Rowland+Broughton Principal Sarah Broughton adds, “Working with Eden Vardy and his team on this important project at Farm Collaborative has been enlightening and humbling. Increasing food resiliency and working with local farmers in our area is so topical and important to what’s happening in the world today. Seeing this new Learning Center to fruition after two years of purposeful groundwork is a proactive gesture that will help ensure the needs of future generations will be met. We are honored to be a part of its legacy.”


Click here to listen to a virtual discussion between Sarah Broughton and Eden Vardy, on this topic and more, on our new R+B Chats series.


About Farm Collaborative – Connected by food, guided by nature and rooted in place, our focus is to nourish our community and the land on which we thrive, all within nature’s timeless framework for today, tomorrow and generations to come. Modeling an innovative community farm system inspired by land stewardship, we are led by curiosity and motivated by hope, and we strive to stimulate a global movement toward healthier relationships between food, people and the land. We are growing a better world for our children and better children for our world.


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