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R+B Essentials: Listening

Modern Prairie – Denver, Colorado


Rhythm, pattern, texture, palette, layers, structure. Nowhere does the purity of these fundamental concepts resonate as with the merging of architecture and music.


Establishing a collaborative relationship and engaging in open dialogue with the owners about their intention for this purposefully designed home in an exclusive Denver neighborhood informed a strong foundation on which to build.


Before even the loosest sketch was drawn, we listened as the owner-couple described their ideas for the functionality of the home and their preference for timeless modern design. We listened to the husband’s request that, to offset his frenetic professional life as an electronic musician, the home be a place of silence, allowing for reflection and repose.


Inspired largely by the owner’s musical proclivity and passion, architecture and music came together seamlessly.


A timeless, contemporary take on the Prairie Style of architecture made popular by American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Modern Prairie resonates on both physical and sensory levels. While the strong horizontal nature of the structure evokes characteristics of the Prairie Style, its flat roofline, sensitivity to the surrounding landscape and the modern construction techniques employed reflect modern-day sensibilities. Beyond the perimeter, the design unfolds into a series of generous outdoor living areas oriented toward views of downtown Denver.


To emphasize the horizontal nature of the design, the team chose a neutral limestone palette for exterior wall surfaces and contrasted it with horizontally placed, deep-bronze-colored metal bands. Strategically placed windows and doors reaching from floor to ceiling punctuate the façade between the bands, allowing for dramatic scale and expansive views. The wall and fenestration programs were inspired by the composition and patterns of digital music, or MIDI. Interior forms, as well as certain design elements and details, were pulled from MIDI patterns as well. Together, they tell the story of the home like musical notes tell the story of a song.


Listening to the songs on this playlist inspires our creative energy. We hope they inspire you as well.