Jake Schultz

Project Architect

Jake Schultz is a Project Architect at Rowland+Broughton with nearly a decade of experience in the field of architecture. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder, he decided to put his collegiate knowledge to the test by designing and constructing a small off the grid cabin in upstate New York. This project focused on blending various construction techniques while emphasizing sustainability and the use of recycled materials.

Before joining Rowland+Broughton, Jake worked on tech workplaces, healthcare and senior living facilities in and around the Bay Area. Leveraging BIM expertise between internal / external design teams as well as promoting collaboration has resulted in the successful completion of projects.

A Colorado native, Jake grew up on the construction site and has always been enthralled by the process of bringing an idea or design into the real world. Throughout his career Jake has been involved in a variety of design projects and is constantly exploring methods of digital fabrication, furniture design and sketching.


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