Joel Savage

Visual Artist

Joel Savage has 6+ years of experience in the architecture and design field working on projects such as single family homes, mixed-use neighborhoods, office spaces, and breweries. Joel joined Rowland + Broughton as a Visual Artist in 2021. He brings a unique background that combines his architectural experience in how things get built with his photography experience in composition, lighting, and form. Alongside the rest of the design team, he utilizes his expertise to engage clients in visualizing their dream project.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Joel moved to Colorado in 2016 to start his professional career and seek licensure. Before joining R + B, he was an Architectural Designer at Coburn Architecture in Boulder, Colorado. In 2020, he started his own photography business photographing architecture, landscapes, and the stars. Outside of the office, he loves skiing, climbing, and finding a great camp spot with fun hikes.


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