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Luxury Residential Architecture Firms Focus on Both Exterior and Interior Architecture and Design

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Make your dream home a reality by collaborating with the premier luxury residential architecture firm in the Rockies: Rowland+Broughton. Our elite architects approach and design luxury residential projects as works of fine art that the public will admire for centuries to come.

By realizing our clients’ shared architectural visions, we can design and create three-dimensional spaces that are extensions of their personalities. As such, these spaces will reflect their lasting impacts on society.

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Realizing Your Architectural Vision Through Our Luxury Residential Projects

See your ideas come to life as the luxury home architects in our firm gain an understanding of your artistic vision and transfer it to paper and a 3D modeling design. This visioning occurs long before breaking ground for new construction.

Our architectural firm has earned a stellar reputation for meeting future homeowners’ goals by creating houses, spaces, and residential buildings that mirror our clients’ mental designs and desires.

With each new project, we attempt to make history by expanding the architectural art form. By implementing novel concepts based on sound structural principles, our architectural firm pushes the boundaries of engineering, aesthetics, and functionality.

All of our firm’s portfolio projects have made lasting imprints on the hearts and minds of our architects because of our close collaboration with our clients during the residential design process. For our architects, your luxury residential building should reflect who you are as a person, including your tastes, values, and aesthetic preferences.


An Architectural Firm That Merges Nature and Architecture

At Rowland+Broughton, our landscape architects focus on blending edificial exteriors with the glory of nature to create artful, organic scenes. Depending on the natural features of a new building site, we may adopt one or more architectural styles to create a seamless, cohesive showpiece that is also comfortable for everyday life.

Where possible, our residential luxury design firm prefers to incorporate natural elements rather than remove them while working on our firm’s projects.

In a place as gorgeous as the Rocky Mountains, a crucial part of our firm’s work involves mitigating our environmental impact. Each architect utilizes the latest technological tools and modern techniques to minimize any damage to the natural surroundings. We also suggest sustainable materials for every design project.

As one of the most trusted architecture firms in the country, we care how your house looks. Each architect wants passersby to immediately recognize your home as a one-of-a-kind piece of art that complements and enhances what Mother Nature has created.

For us, the best compliment we can receive would include a statement that your house looks like it has always existed in its location.


Why Luxury Clients Choose Rowland+Broughton

Discover why discerning clients select us at Rowland+Broughton as their preferred luxury architects and interior designers. Most of our private clients hold vital positions in society, shaping the future of our culture, economy, and politics. As such, the individuals who hire us as their architects possess demanding aesthetic and design preferences that usually center around beauty, luxury, and traditional or contemporary design.


Our Client-Centered Approach

At our architecture and interior design company, each future homeowner is at the heart of our process. Everything centers around our clients, including the building site selections, material choices, design concepts, final executions, and more.

We hope that our design projects will remain part of each one of our homeowners’ everyday lives for decades into the future. To facilitate that aspiration, we view the special people for whom we design and build as the inspiration behind all of our luxury residential designs.


A Superior Client Experience

Most people who engage a licensed architect expect little more than a couple of meetings, a few drawings, a 3D design model, and periodic construction oversight. When it comes to most of the other architects and designers, that description accurately encapsulates the client experience.

At Rowland+Broughton, however, we do things differently.

Our architects, designers, and support staff put together innovative, immersive experiences for our homeowners, allowing them to take active roles at all stages in the architectural process. We remain committed to providing immersive experiences that homeowners will fondly remember while raising their families or living out their retirement years in their new homes.


Stewards of Nature 

At Rowland+Broughton, we consider ourselves stewards of nature and the environment. Our firm focuses on:

  • Minimizing our impact on the local environment
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Instituting policies for sustainable development

Our green approach to our design projects allows our homeowners to live guilt-free in a veritable piece of art.


Quality Results That Exceed Expectations

The experienced architects and interior design specialists at our firm possess the expertise and attention to detail necessary to bring about stunning results that match the modern lifestyle of each one of our homeowners.

We establish lofty goals and high expectations from the very outset, intending to surpass them with innovative, functional, and elegant solutions. We’re eager to share our residential portfolio with you.

What Makes Rowland+Broughton Special

Our architects and designers will provide high-end services to create a living space that you can feel proud to own. Should you decide to engage us for one of your development projects, our vast experience, limitless creativity, and proven professionalism will produce a unique residence of unmistakable quality. Find out what sets us apart from our competitors below.


Our Cutting-Edge Designs

At Rowland+Broughton, our portfolio of genuinely original architectural projects speaks for itself. Whether you desire a postmodern chalet in the mountains or a contemporary residence near downtown Denver, our architects and designers will draw up a set of innovative luxury designs that:

  • Suit your lifestyle
  • Preserve the environment
  • Do justice to the property you selected for your home


Our Unparalleled Experience in Mountain and Urban Settings

Architects and interior designers that work in Colorado must remain highly adaptable to succeed. The diverse pieces of property that we encounter in and around Aspen and Denver require deep knowledge about the natural features of the Rocky Mountains in general and the local terrain, specifically.

We understand how much experience is needed to change gears and build a house above a sheer rock face after completing a residential tower on a previously leveled property.


Our Creative Problem-Solving Skills

Knowledge and experience come in handy when dealing with rugged terrain or big-city bureaucracies. However, home architects must hone their creative problem-solving skills if we wish to meet the needs of our clients and create a viable house design.

Whether you would like abundant natural light in your modern dining room or desire an infinity pool carved into the rock, our architects possess the ingenuity to make your vision happen.


Our Logistical and Budgetary Excellence

Pulling off modern luxury projects demands keen attention to detail, superior organizational skills, and the right connections from an architect. As one of the most trusted firms in the region, our architects work with quality suppliers so that we receive the materials we need to complete our projects on time and within budget.


How We Can Help

If you have developed an idea for a quality, contemporary design and would like to see it come to fruition, call a celebrated architect at Rowland+Broughton to get one step closer to your dream home. By providing the following services, we can help you achieve your goals:

  • Building site consultation and analysis
  • Procurement of construction documents
  • Architectural design and interior design
  • Project management and construction administration
  • Luxury renovations and additions
  • Forensic and expert witness services
  • Warranty and post-warranty reviews
  • Appliance selection assistance
  • Helipad and airstrip planning


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Contacting architectural firms represents a significant step towards building your luxury home. Give us a call for a no-commitment consultation and find out if we might be a good fit for your construction plans. Our architects love to hear new ideas from clients and cannot wait to discuss your future residence with you.

Learn all about us before making the decision to sit down for a consultation.

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