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Building a custom home gives you a unique opportunity to create the custom home of your dreams. To achieve all your project outcomes and get the best experience, work with a residential architecture firm that specializes in custom spaces

Rowland+Broughton (R+B) is a leading architecture firm that provides residential design solutions and architecture services in Aspen, Denver, and across the United States. If you are looking for residential architecture specialists to take care of all the design work and manage your project, contact us today.

How Rowland+Broughton Can Transform Your Denver or Aspen Home

Rowland+Broughton offers a comprehensive range of luxury residential architectural services, including interior design, to ensure a successful residential architecture project. To help you reach your project objectives, we collaborate with reputable partners, suppliers, and service providers.

We also work closely with you to ensure that every step of the process in creating functional and creative design solutions meets your expectations, budget requirements, and schedule. Make building your dream custom home a reality with R+B.

When you utilize an experienced and knowledgeable architecture and design firm like ours, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our best architects are highly skilled in a variety of specialties, including landscape architecture, sustainable design principles, urban design, studio architecture, interior design, construction processes, and more. The R+B firm focuses on creative solutions that can make your goals your new reality.

Our Design Process

Our design-build firm goes through five phases in the architectural design process. The process is used to guide you and our in-house architectural design team step-by-step from initial planning to project completion.

We use this same process for all architectural services to streamline and direct all activities toward a single project objective, eliminating the waste of time and money.


Our residential architectural service starts with the client, so we can ensure that we bring the vision of their projects to life. During the pre-design phase, we work with our clients to develop a detailed description of ideal projects. Our architects will then use this information to create a project brief and program document that clients can review and approve.

In addition, we will also review all relevant Colorado zoning codes, regulations, and bylaws. We will then conduct a thorough site analysis to gather the information we need for the residential architecture designing phase.

Schematic Design

With the information we gathered during the design phase, we formulate different preliminary design solutions in the form of a rough sketch to give rise to new ideas. After reviewing these concepts, you can select one that matches the result you have in mind, and amend as needed to fit your lifestyle and needs. Some examples of our designs that have turned into real residential architecture are under the Projects tab of our website. Custom homes that we have designed are:

Master Planning And Design Development

Using the initial design and construction drawings, we will create an architectural drawing with the project details, including door and window sizes, wall thicknesses, and construction assemblies. At this stage, we will also get cost estimates from qualified contractors to ensure that we meet your budget requirements.

Construction Documents For Residential Architecture

Next, we will create the construction documents and gather technical information for the contractor to use during the bidding and construction phases. For most projects, these construction documents include:

  • Site, floor, and foundation plans
  • Building specifications
  • Electrical plans
  • Ceiling plans
  • Outdoor elevations
  • Engineer’s structural plans

In addition to generating these documents, our Denver architects will also help you prepare a building permit application and negotiate the construction contract on your behalf.

Construction Administration

We monitor each construction phase closely to ensure the complete and accurate execution of our design, so it aligns with your expectations. Our design team will also collaborate with the contractor, check for potential issues, and document progress. We communicate with you throughout every step of the process, so you have the same information as we do and your projects run smoothly.

Customer Praise for Custom Modern Houses

Rowland+Broughton’s design team has extensive experience creating functional and creative projects of all types, including those in mountain, historic, and urban settings. We also implement creative problem-solving techniques to assess your project objectives and bring your ideas, inspirations, and visions for your modern house to fruition.

We will always represent your interests, especially when dealing with contractors, suppliers, and regulatory authorities. Our architects will always ensure optimal quality, sustainability, and efficiency to save you unnecessary costs in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do architects provide?

Good architects or architecture firms in Denver can handle all aspects of building creation, excluding the actual construction itself. That typically includes space and building design, project drafting, construction planning, permitting, and construction administration.

As part of the administration side of the project, an architect will also often help clients select a contractor and facilitate communication between all involved parties.

What does a residential architect provide?

A residential architect simply specializes in residential architecture, such as single-family homes, studio apartments, and condominiums. They provide all the same services as a general architect.

What do architectural services include?

While some architecture firms may not offer all these services, you can generally count on an architect for projects like:

  • Building design and planning
  • Project feasibility studies and estimates
  • Masterplanning
  • Drafting and work drawings
  • Contractor selection
  • Project management
  • Interior design

What is residential architecture?

Residential architecture can be described very simply as the process of building and designing properties and structures that are to be utilized for non-commercial purposes. For example, suppose a housing company has different ideas of how they should build multi-family projects. They would likely hire residential architects to aid them in the process.

What is residential design?

Similar to residential architecture, residential design specifically focuses on the design stages of non-commercial properties and structures. Residential designers often interact with interior designers and sometimes even those in charge of construction services during the planning stages of a project.

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