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At Rowland+Broughton, the team approaches each project with a focus on understanding its regional and environmental impact as well as the cultural and personal ambitions it aspires to meet. This is achieved by listening to each client’s design goals, connecting with all interested stakeholders throughout the project, conducting extensive historical and community research, applying new technological solutions, and testing creative materials and applications. We believe that high-quality master planning services are key to designing the perfect space. Intricate planning and strategy ensure the structure is well-incorporated into the existing street and showcases style and design on its own.

Master planning services help incorporate the past, present, and future by intentionally designing projects that suit your needs and fit into existing city structures. Our team of architects will work closely with you, the main contractor, construction crew, and any other necessary entities to create a unified project that meets everyone’s needs equally throughout the design and development process.

Elements like budget and timeline are crucial parts of master plan services that all parties must agree upon. Overall, master plans help create a cohesive structure that best suits your vision, serves a broader purpose in the city, and grows along with the community.

What Goes Into a Master Plan?

An architectural master plan is a comprehensive framework that includes all of the details that go into planning any new project, including:

  •   Blueprints
  •   Site location
  •   Budget
  •   Timeline
  •   Codes
  •   Aerial photography of the building site
  •   Zoning status
  •   Necessary facilities

It also provides information that will benefit the long-term development and use of the project. The master plan examines infrastructure in the surrounding community, including neighboring buildings, parks, facilities, and residential areas, to make sure the project suits the city’s needs. 

We use master plans throughout the architectural process, from development to completion, to ensure that the project stays consistent with the design developed in the earliest stages. These overarching plans allow for no detail of the construction site to be overlooked and help the build stay on task from beginning to end.

How to Develop a Good Master Plan

At Rowland+Broughton, we always deliver the best master plans to our clients and construction team, allowing every member of the architectural process to become experts about each development stage. We follow each of these steps closely to create a high-quality master plan:

  1.   1. Develop a purpose for the project. What need is being met with this project? Master planning a comprehensive purpose for any new project is the crucial first step in the process. It develops the framework for the project to successfully proceed.

  2.   2. Plan the necessary elements of the project. What has to be included in the design of this structure? Which facilities, rooms, and other features should be factored into the blueprint? What surrounding infrastructure must be included in the design? Master planning involves considering all the elements that must be a part of the project.

  3.   3. Communicate with all members of the architectural team. Creating a large-scale architectural project is not a one-person job. Architects, contractors, and construction crews work together throughout the master planning stages to help communicate all aspects of the assignment, from finalizing the construction site to the development of facilities to meeting the future needs of the build.

Master planning is the crucial first step in creating a quality architectural structure, just like how planning ahead is necessary in our day-to-day lives. Once your master plan is finalized, we’ll be ready to begin fulfilling your architectural vision.

Check out the work we do at some of out locations: Jackson Hole, Park City, Bozeman, Yellowstone.

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