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Communities are continually evolving, and buildings are always being added to existing urban areas. At Rowland+Broughton, we offer top-notch urban design services to plan and implement architecture that meets your needs and the community’s needs. We ensure that each new building in a city space works cohesively into the existing architecture, planning for both the functionality and the attractiveness of the project in the community as a whole.

The urban needs of project design are often different than your individual goals for the building. Transportation, land use requirements, and public safety are all elements that must be considered throughout the development of any new structure. Along with our clients’ vision, our architects work to help satisfy the desires of the public as a whole, planning projects that cohesively fit into the design of the city.

What is Urban Design?

Urban design is the planning and arrangement of buildings within a city as a whole. Rather than focusing on one building at a time, we plan how each project will fit into the surrounding area’s architecture and utilize sustainable features to provide an environmentally-friendly build.

Planning for a new city development requires that the city’s needs are being met along with the needs of clients. We work to integrate these needs throughout the design and planning process cohesively.

During our architectural planning process, we work closely with you to design a project that incorporates the landscape of the area, transportation requirements, and sustainable resources into an attractive and functional building. Our architects place clients as the highest priority while naturally incorporating these necessary urban elements into each of our projects.

Check out the work we do at some of out locations: Jackson Hole, Park City, Bozeman, Yellowstone.

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