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20 Years of R+B, 20+ Women that Inspire

Women’s History Month

At R+B, having women at the table is a part of our DNA, and our teams are made up of at least 50% women at every level. In our 20th year, we have over 20 amazing women that inspire us in design, and in life. 


So, we asked our R+B team to share some thoughts on the topic in celebration of Women’s History Month. We think you’ll find it enlightening.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Shana Broback: “It highlights and educates the road women have had to travel to find equity in the workplace, socially, and politically. It is important to remember the path that was behind us to and continue to forge forward with strength and dignity.”


Greg Ingalls: “A lot, especially in our profession which has been dominated by men, historically. I love to learn more about women who are pushing the field forward.”


Courtney Everitt: “To me, Women’s History Month is about recognizing and celebrating how far women have come culturally, societally, and historically, but also about remembering the women that have brought us to this point and the roadblocks and scrutiny they endured and received along the way.”

What words of inspiration do you have for other women?

Corrie Kowalinski:Always advocate for other women as you would want someone to do for yourself. It is important to always lift others up and share your successes.”


Leslie Cope: “Empower, empower, empower. Empower others and yourself, equally.  Never lose confidence or compassion for yourself and others.”


Leah Gordon:Never question your self-worth, and NEVER let anyone bring you down whether that’s a man or another woman.”


Caroline Dini:Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do.”

If you could meet an influential woman, who would you choose?

Kai Eldredge: “Right now I would chose Jeanne Gang. I want to pick her brain about commitment to making the world a better place, while incorporating strong concept with great design.”


Will Otte:Nellie Bly.”


James Jones:Amelia Earhart. She’s from my neck of the woods so loved learning about her as a kid. I’ve always admired her adventurous nature and fearless attitude towards life.”

Finally, how do strong women leaders impact and inspire our teams?

Sarah Broughton: “I am inspired by the tenacious women in our profession creating innovative, groundbreaking designs.”


Liz Whitacre: “Women bring a diversity of perspective and experience in leadership.  It also shows other women that in a male dominated field, there is room for them to have a place at the table.”


Joel Savage:Utilizing perspectives of everyone’s personal, and unique experiences and circumstances helps make our designs as best as they can be.”


Jake Schultz:Women bring a much needed and fresh approach to problem solving, design, and running a firm.”