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At Rowland + Broughton, we offer high-end commercial design services to create unique offices, shops, and other businesses. We focus on the broader architectural structure of the building along with the smallest elements of each design to craft a space that emphasizes functionality and architectural beauty.

Whether you’re looking to build an urban office space, art gallery, ski resort shop, or any other workspace or business, our team of experts will strive to create an aesthetically-pleasing, functional space. Connect with us to start planning your design project.

 What is Commercial Design Service?

Commercial Design Services (CDS) is the creation of architecture that serves the public in some way. CDS structures include any building designed to make a profit, such as stores, retail buildings, warehouses, or office spaces.

Architectural Efforts

Every building serves its own tenants, but only a few serve their eyes. Both a building’s interior and exterior are approached with forward thinking at Rowland+Broughton. Efforts in restoration and sustainability are implemented in historic preservation when appropriate. Structure and engineering are applied in functional spaces. Our projects always apply creativity with function to ensure that every location is unique.

Urban Design

Urban design is the planning and arrangement of buildings within a city as a whole. Rather than focusing on one building at a time, we plan how each project will fit into the surrounding area’s architecture. Stylistically, urban design is a modern interpretation of open space. Often, commercial design is connected to urban design. The eclectic themes found in contemporary urban design complete an attractive space for any tenant.

Restoration, Renovation, Preservation

Restoration efforts are often made by Rowland+Broughton to embrace the legacy of a structure, while still remaining fully functional. Restoration methods can include replacing non-historic building materials with replicas based on historic photos. Materials can also be recovered and detailed to maintain safety and historical accuracy. Landscaping restoration can also complement the aesthetic of a historic structure.

Preservation at Rowland+Broughton is implemented in order to keep everything that is authentic intact, and is the best way to be environmentally sustainable. Oftentimes an aged building has been renovated in order to keep up with styles and aesthetics. Our team restores parts of a structure back to its original design for authenticity.

Interior Design

Interior design of a commercial space focuses on the aesthetics of the inside of a building.  The selection and placement of furniture, decor, art, and wall colors are essential components of interior design. Every element of interior design plays a pivotal role in the expression of a room. The color palette of the walls, the placement of the furniture, and the inclusion of specific materials all create a unique interior.

These features work together to create the overall style of the project. Interior design elements are carefully selected to subtly influence customers to enter the building, purchase a product, or otherwise fulfill the goals of the business.

Check out the work we do at some of out locations: Jackson Hole, Park City, Bozeman, Yellowstone.

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