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Ragged Ranch – Case Study

An authentic reproduction of a full-scale, 19th Century settlement, this 6,400-acre ranch in Colorado’s remote Ragged Mountains is a true ode to the past. Intended as a private retreat for a global businessman and his family, the design was predicated upon extensive study of and research into the pattern of development of old Western towns. Centered around the recreation of a historically-accurate main street, complete with an extensive boardwalk system constructed of reclaimed wood and railroad ties, the ranch is a full-service, functioning community with easy access to hunting, fishing, riding and other sports.



With density along the main street, the site plan includes 24 restored, repurposed buildings and cabins recovered from an authentic Western town and 36 new buildings. Key buildings include an entertainment-oriented, period-specific saloon with modern-day acoustics and seven second-story guest rooms, a train station, a livery, a firehouse, a church, and three large Victorian-style homes. Specification of all utilities were included in the overall development plan.


Resembling an old Western town, each building and cabin has its own purpose. Here are a few to highlight:


Mike Bear Cabin: This rustic cabin belonged to the original, historic homesteader of the property. It was relocated to a new location on the site, reassembled and restored as a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath guest cabin with a combination of modern and historic amenities, including an antique free-standing wood stove.


Four Gables House: Four Gables House takes its name from the striking roofline of 4 full-width gables intersecting in the center. This historic cabin was relocated and meticulously reconstructed and rebuilt with modern amenities and millwork.




Mike Bear Pasture Hunting Cabin: Situated on the outskirts of the Ragged Ranch community, this cabin, outhouse, barn, and corrals serve as a hunting base camp for visitors. Amenities are limited to the essentials, but are designed to provide a warm, comfortable, and relaxing bunkhouse atmosphere after a hunt.