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AIA CO Board Section Directors Discuss COVID-19

On April 8, 2020, the AIA Colorado Board Section Directors virtually gathered to share their perspectives on COVID-19 and how it is transforming processes in each of their regions and beyond:

        • Sarah Broughton, AIA, West Director, Rowland+Broughton Architecture and Urban Design
        • Ignacio Correa-Ortiz, AIA, Denver Director, RTD
        • Rob Pyatt, AIA, North Director, Pyatt Studio
        • Sheva Willoughby, AIA, South Director, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

See the full panel discussion.


Below are a few key takeaways from the discussion:


Have you found it easy to adapt to remote work? Do you think in the future more firms will allow telecommute options as a result of this?


Sarah Broughton (SB) Hopeful that this will be a positive outcome with the ability to work from home, and help to keep more diversity in profession, more women which is a huge goal of AIA Colorado. Hope business owners look at what is working now and start implementing as policies within their firms.


How have you seen COVID19 impacting your community, your region?


SB: Construction in Aspen has stopped through April 30. It is detrimental to economy and as architects. We are working with politicians in how we can be educating to maintain safe job sites. As a small mountain town, it is impacting business.

Ignacio Correa-Ortiz (ICO): In Denver, we are seeing essential employees still working to keep our economy moving. RTD did not cut service and has a free fare system.

Sheva Willoughby (SW): In Colorado Springs, there has been a big increase in supporting local, as well as intense safety meetings at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Rob Pyatt (RP): Construction in Boulder is still going strong.


How do you see this changing the profession, if at all?


SB: It has allowed us to learn more about how we demonstrate our value, what we do, how we do it, and how we can do that virtually. Being bullish about marketing and we stay relevant. Now is not a time to back down on marketing and business development. And, use all employees to help with that.

RP: Hearing what Sarah and her firm is doing gives me hope that there are people out there doing what needs to be done and staying positive.

SW: Taking time to focus what you are about, and how to streamline. Everyone must be flexible and be a part of the solution. Lean into employee skills and passions. We can be stronger coming out this and hope to carry forward.